About Us

We are a motley group of twenty women who create masterpieces in crochet and who sell at community stores. Now what is so special about us?

We do not come from our homes to collaborate at this workplace but we stay at this place. This is because we are all homeless. Some of us have lost all our members in various tragic incidents and some of us have been also shown the door because we were not strong enough to fight for ourselves. But today, we are proud to tell each of you who care to listen that we are financially subsistent only because we are well versed in various crafts.

We create master handmade pieces and sell them at stores for a commission and also we can cater for events were the organizers are looking for gifts that are customized for the event. We have a great repertoire of articles and we are constantly evolving our knowledge to be able to include the latest ads the best in the crafts. This also means that there is more to choose every time you come to us!