Additional benefits of DIY

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Here are more incidental benefits of DIY:

  • Brain and the brawn:

Doing DIY helps in using both the brain and the hands and therefore is a much sought after therapy for people who are steeped into depression or diseases where there is a need for coordination between the physical and the mental faculty.

Experts believe that children with learning disabilities like dyslexia and other attention deficit disorders are ideal candidates for DIY therapy where they are made to do activities that they will be proficient enough o manage to do.

  • Great friendships can be forged:

There have been instances where people with similar interest in a type of craft like paper craft get together, meet up, share ideas of their craft and then collaborate on their craft.

Sometimes these friendships can be so strong that they almost become family. One of my friends who had lost her husband to tragic accident was able to cope only with the support of the DIY group that she was a member of.  Thus it also acts like a social support system for people who have had instances of grieving.

  • Financial freedom

And if you thought that you would make some craft and sell them too then it is almost as good as cutting your cake and eating it too. If you are particularly good at craft making that you do there is no harm in selling it and claiming your right to become financially independent.

On the contrary, another friend of mine who crochets excellently well has created a support group of homeless women and taught them this craft which they sell at community markets or private garage sales in order to suffice for their subsistence.

Isn’t that a cool idea? She has more than twenty five women in the group and I must say they are pretty good at what they do!