Why YOU should DIY

Here are the benefits of doing DIY:

  1. You connect with your creation at a different level:

When you create something from the beginning there is one more connection that you are forging and that is between you and the creation. When the piece that you are working on is complete there is a certain sense of purpose that stays between you and that thing. The connection is most definitely not ephemeral and stays for a long time to come.

Have you experienced a strange feeling of love when you wear clothes sewn by your own mum? You will undoubtedly feel her touch and caress every time you touch it or wear it. You may not have that kind of connection with a store bought dress.

I used to feel this strange connection when I use to eat the bread that my mother used to bake in the oven and the difference that I noticed after I had to purchase it from a local bakery when she was too old to do the baking herself. There was a world of difference because my mother’s bread smacked of her love which she lovingly and passionately put into baking!

  1. You realize that you cannot take things for granted:

While DIY has made me the creative person that I am now I also realized that there is immense amount of effort that goes into making things by hand. And now when someone shows me their work, I am very sensitive about the hard work that they have put in rather than show them the flaws that I used to previously. So, doing DIY has been me a more sensitive human being and also given me maturity in my thoughts.

These are the two benefits that have really improved me over the years. There are more advantages also.